Nature’s Children

Keeping kids amused in the summer holidays can be a chore but you don’t need to fly your 4-year-old half way around the world to Disneyland to have fun; forget theme parks, computer games, TV and all the organised attractions where people want to sell you some off-the shelf, pre-packaged “experience”.

We’ve found that there really is plenty to keep young minds occupied down in the woods. Essential ingredients of the magic formula are; sticks, stones, water, cones, leaves, bugs and creepy-crawlies. Add a touch of imagination and lots of time for exploration and discovery and… Abracadabra; let the spell work its magic.

Why do we always like to make life more complicated than it really need be ?  After all, at heart we’re surely all nature’s children…








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1 Response to Nature’s Children

  1. Avril says:

    Hear hear. Sounds like you’re having a great summer. I spent yesterday by the sea and in the sea in west Cornwall, very refreshing for body and soul. Ax

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