Golden Autumn Days

At the end of the summer, it never ceases to amaze me how, every year, so many folks look to the approaching winter with a sense of foreboding, quite forgetting that the most beautiful season of the year has yet to pass. In between the showers and the squalls, the autumn is simply the best time to be out and about amongst the woods, fields, villages, lanes and hills that comprise our patchwork landscapes.

So, here’s a gallery of photos from some previous years, just to whet your appetite for all things autumnal. Better still, get out into nature and take a look for yourself; you won’t be disappointed ! Sure, the dark days and long nights of winter will come; but, reassuringly, each season offers up its own unique treasure-trove of wonders – like that golden glass of Speyside single malt by the fireside on a dreich winter’s night 🙂

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2 Responses to Golden Autumn Days

  1. bronlima says:

    The thing I most miss about my native England is the chsnge from the maturity of summer to the old age of winter. In Lima, where i live there is no autumn and so no golden years. I have just been in England and the dry spell created a kind of premature Autumn which motivated me to make a post on the chsnging of seasons. These pictures remind me the nostalgic country walks over the golden brown carpet of leaves.

    • moselman says:

      Totally understand – I lived in Nepal for a few years and you could only find the autumn there by climbing higher up the mountain, ideally to about 4000m. The changing seasons are one of the real joys about living in more temperate latitudes – though I might not always think that way on a cold, damp night in February. It’s undoubtedly the periods of change that are the most fascinating for me; unfortunately these boundaries are blurring as our planet shows the undeniable effects of climate change, year upon year. For background, these pictures are from Scotland, Germany, Belgium, Austria and the Alsace Region of France.

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