Orvieto – In the hills of Umbria

The hilltop town of Orvieto is dramatically situated on an impregnable volcanic crag in South West Umbria. I spent a few days last summer in Orvieto and loved walking the narrow winding lanes and shady piazzas of this stunning historical town. The ancient streets looked particularly atmospheric after rain as the evening lights came on casting warm reflections and shadows across the damp cobblestones . There are numerous, interesting little shops selling local specialities including colourful ceramics as well as a restored old-time theatre.

The City has an interesting history. It was once an important centre for the Etruscan civilisation who excavated networks of caverns under the town. Following the collapse of the Roman Empire, it was then occupied by waves of Goths and Lombards before finally becoming a self governing commune in the 10th Century. Work was started on constructing the  beautiful cathedral  in 1290. During the Middle Ages, Orvieto became an important centre controlling trade between Florence and Rome. A true gem of a place to visit…


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