Down in the Orchard

Over the last few weeks we’ve noticed a lot of fruit going unpicked in local orchards and decided eventually to do something about it. Today we knocked on the door of a local orchard owner who was only too happy to let us harvest some fruit. Fruit growing is quite a tradition here in the Aachen area. Around where we live there are many old historic orchards set in an undulating landscape with pastures, hedges, water meadows  and ancient broadleaved woodlands; very reminiscent of the English landscape in some ways.



The old orchards, or “streuobstwiesen”, traditionally provided a whole host of products for local people including apples, pears, plums, cherries and sweet chestnuts. They were also often grazed by cattle and so doubled as pasture land.  The streuobstwiesen are also very important for nature conservation with ancient fruit trees providing a home for birds such as green woodpeckers, treecreepers, finches and tits as well as a myriad of bugs, beetles and butterfly species.



A number of initiatives are now up and running to encourage landowners to restore and manage the orchards and to continue the planting of new trees, particularly threatened local varieties. When you think about it we live in a crazy world; we import fruit from half way around the planet at vast expense and energy cost whilst just over the garden fence, unpicked fruit is simply left to rot. It would certainly be nice to see more of the fruit being harvested again from local orchards; for now we certainly won’t be buying too many New Zealand Braeburns.


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2 Responses to Down in the Orchard

  1. Petra says:

    Hi, you write beautyful about the place where I live with my family. And your photos are great too. I know Raeren and the landscape around… the green tractor with “Johannes” was driven by my son in Walheim. It is all great and its my place….I’m happy thank you! Petra

    • moselman says:

      Thanks Petra for your positive comments – it is the landscape features such as the old orchards, the woodlands, the old stone houses and the hedges that give the area its special character. Many people overlook the value of such green assets in their quest to build the latest functional style of concrete cube to live in. Nice to hear the story about the tractor too. Best wishes, Ian

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