“Scotland: Landscapes and Legends”

Scotland Talk poster 2

For anyone in Aachen and surrounding area; I’ll be making a presentation at the Volkshochschule in Stolberg on the 16th May entitled “Scotland: Landscapes and Legends”. I’ll be talking about exploring Scotland’s wild landscapes on foot and by canoe (including many of the locations mentioned on this website) and explaining the background to the nature, history and culture of this fabulous country.

There will also be some good contemporary Scottish music to accompany the images, so come along and enjoy…

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2 Responses to “Scotland: Landscapes and Legends”

  1. Petra Frings says:

    Hi Ian,

    I enjoyed your presentation very much, having been to Scotland twice I delved away in memories. Your pictures are fantastic and along with all your information and the music a wonderful evening was guarenteed.

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